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New Zealand’s immigration policy underwent a massive makeover in the recent past, causing setbacks in many Visa applications. The changes implemented in this process made an impact on the investor’s Visa application process by introducing major modifications in the existing policy. The Investor Visa, which allowed people to move permanently into New Zealand as a permanent resident, now requires applicants to invest twice the amount relatively. According to the previous investor visa policy, an applicant had to invest $3 Million over a duration of four years which is now changed to $6 Million. Rudraksh Group offers investor Visa service to facilitate the immigration procedure despite major changes in policy.

Rudraksh Group Mohali brings to you the changes of Investor Visa policy of New Zealand:

  1. As many as 146 days of every investment year (3 years) must be spent by the applicant in New Zealand
  2. The applicant needs to have a total of 3 years’ business experience
  3. The applicant should be below 65 years of age when applying for investor Visa
  4. The applicant’s family members should be fluent in English

Investor 1: The applicants must have a financial record of $10 Million invested over a period of 3 years.

Investor 2: To have additional points, the applicants require:

  • Great experience in business
  • Excellent understanding of English

However, the Investor 2 category of applicants need not require having $1 Million possession in their settlement funds.

Immigration experts at Rudraksh Group Mohali stay updated with the ongoing changes in immigration policies of different countries to serve its clients better. Rudraksh Group ensures that the changes in policies do not affect applicants, or disrupt the procedure.

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Rudraksh Group, one of the leading immigration consultancies in India highlights the fact that more than 20,000 H-1B visa petitionsRudraksh Group, one of the leading immigration consultancies in India highlights the fact that more than 20,000 H-1B visa petitions were received by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for the financial year 2017. The inadequate supply of talent for the type of demand in the US is well evident from the reports of Indian IT industry being the largest applicant of US skilled worker visas. The process of visa application began on 1st April. There is a massive difference between the H-1B visas that are issued and the number that are actually required. There have been several attempts in the past to enhance the number and resolve the situation.
Being a prominent beneficiary of the H-1B visa programme, the IT services industry has faced severe criticism for allegedly abusing the visa process. However, the industry denied the claims and asserted that the nature of work requires these work visas for transfer of skilled labour across borders. Rudraksh Group states that the matter of H-1B visa misuse has become one of the major concerning issues in the country with the US heading towards presidential elections this year. The company further added that considering other alternatives will prove to be the right course of action in this situation. The quota of H- 1B is very restrictive which is well evident from the huge number of applications for the quota in the supposedly most free market economy in the world within the first few days.

Today Immigration has become one of the sources for ameliorating the economy of the country. With the steady inflow of immigrants, the countries have started to look at it as one of the generators of long time profit.

There are many study abroad consultants, who provide ample of information regarding study abroad options with specific calendar of events.

Such consultants are highly in demand as they provide comprehensive information regarding cost of study, cost of living, admission procedure, educational sessions etc.

Rudraksh Group is an expert of Immigration Services in Mohali. Their expert tips and advices can help readers about study abroad and student visa procedures.

You can look on the Canada immigration websites and decide the visa that you want to apply for. Rudraksh Group offers you various immigration services to Canada that will assist your relocation and as a part of their service they will also help you choose the right way to apply for a visa.

There are multitudes of options available for people who are looking for a study abroad destination. If you want to acquire education in a country with diversified culture and numerous racial backgrounds then study in Canada.

Canada is often referred to as a cultural mosaic, built by a society that respects and celebrates the cultures of many countries from around the world. In 2006, Statistics Canada recorded that 6,186,950 foreign-born people now live in Canada.

While it is relatively easy to locate the nearest accessible Canadian Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration, the place to process immigration papers is usually sought only for the sole purpose of submitting the requirement forms and documents.

Unbeknownst to people with migration plans, specifically to those with a considerable time constraints, a Canadian Visa Application can have a shorter processing and approval time if it was filed in certain areas or regions in the world.

Recently, Canada also became the new preferred immigration destination for Indians. This happened as a result of the immigration ban implemented by Trump administration in the US. When the US President announced immigration ban on seven countries, the Canadian Prime Minister welcomed its people with open arms. This instantly made Canada a winner of a million hearts.

As part of welcoming immigrants and refugees, Canada government went a step ahead and increased the number of entries to 300,000 immigrants from 250,000. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also made the immigration official by announcing that immigrants who are rejected by President Donald Trump will be welcomed by Canada. Besides opening doors to rejected refugees and immigrants, the nation offers affordable education and great work opportunities which makes it a deal you can’t say no to. Moreover, you can also enjoy the best of nature’s beauty when in Canada as a tourist. Rudraksh Group Mohali helps you get a PR, Tourist, Student or even Work Visa as per your requirement.