Rudraksh Group Mohali

Rudraksh Group Mohali: offering customised overseas solutions

Rudraksh Group Mohali is one of the leading immigration service providers, which is vouched by an ever-growing number of clients who have satisfactorily settled in their dream destinations like Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore for the purposes of higher education, business immigration, permanent residency and work permit.

We take immense pride in the dispensation of our tailor-made services and we believe client satisfaction is the most critical aspect of our services.Among our various services in different sectors, helping aspiring students go abroad for higher education gives us the maximum satisfaction. We believe a solid foundation is the cornerstone of any society and we are proud to play a small role in contributing to that.The process of selecting, applying and procuring admission to foreign College / University

is quite complicated. Acquaintance with pre-requisites of admission and other formalities involved is very important. Even with all the information that a student can gather, the procedure is cumbersome for him/her to comprehend.

This is where Rudraksh Group Mohali partners with you. Having an extensive association with the reputed Universities and Educational Institutions abroad, we at Rudraksh Group are well equipped to help students select the most appropriate educational option for them. We aim at being a one-stop education center for students applying to the most suitable Educational Institutes across the globe which would best match their aspirations, academic profile, study goals, financial situations and life-style. We provide both pre and post visa services and ensure that we remain associated with the client/student till the last process is completed.

Rudraksh Group also helps in providing assistance with business immigration. The world is revolutionizing into a global village and economies are tremendously progressing with the growth in international trade, investment and capital flow. Disintegration of trade barriers and advancement in technology has created phenomenal demand for potential business persons worldwide. Developed nations like the US, UK, Australia are offering excellent opportunities to attract potential investors to establish new businesses or expand or diversify their existing businesses in these countries.

But managing the paperwork can be a daunting task and our network and connections with relevant authorities and agencies in the foreign countries enable us to fast-track the process. If you aspire to diversify or expand your business abroad, we can make it happen for you as we possess the expertise in immigration and settlement services for Businessmen.

If you are looking for a company which will guide you for applying a Permanent Residence Visa, Rudraksh Group is the right place. You can give the best life-style to your loved ones by obtaining the Permanent Residency. We specialize in providing Immigration, Placement and Settlement services to Skilled Workers & Professionals, Business persons and Students.

We also assist in providing temporary residence via, family class visa, post landing services and judicial review services.

Our dedicated team of professionals at Rudraksh Group Mohali are trained in the realm of human touch as well. We understand the dreams and aspirations of our clients and we always make sure that the opportunity to realise one’s ambition is met with swift and efficient service.

  1. nirbhay gour says:

    hiiiiiii i have applied work permit

  2. Mann Singh says:

    I want work visa

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