Rudraksh Group: Best Platform to take you Overseas

Sanjeev Singh : With the onset of new academic session in various universities across the globe, it’s the time when international aspirants have mind boggling sessions with their respective immigration consultants. There is a rising demand for international quality education; there are excessive universities and courses to choose from. Students have a tough time in choosing the right course and university according to their aptitude. The decision has to be made very carefully keeping many factors in mind. In this scenario one needs a guideline and the right direction. There are many Immigration consultancies in the market, Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions being one of them.
Rudraksh Group has been significantly sending students abroad for more than 18 years. The Group’s main focus is to give finest immigration consultancy services to people who are looking to settle, study, work or do business in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and USA.
The best part of this group is that it charges the institutions overseas for it’s services. Being an ethical operator, it doesn’t have the policy of double charging i.e. charging the institutions overseas as well as charging it’s clients. They only bill the institutions for their services thus saving the client’s significant amount of money that would have incurred otherwise.
Australia is one of the most soughed out destinations for Indian students. This could be evaluated from the fact that in comparison to 2012, the percentage of students granted visa for undergraduate or postgraduate courses in 2013 grew by over 165. Statistically, there are 35,000 Indian students in Australia ensuing science, engineering, management and a host of other programmes. The students choose Australia because of its high quality of education. The country has five of the top hundred universities in the world and fifteen Nobel Prize winners. In addition to this, the Australia Government offered 300 million Australian Dollar in scholarships every academic year. Rudraksh Group also offers services like IELTS Coaching, Forex Assistance and Pre Departure Guidance to the students who aim abroad for higher studies.


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