One stop for all immigration related worries

One stop for all immigration related worries- Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions

For all immigration related worries, Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions is here to help you and provide you with the right solution.

One of the best consultancy firms in the country,  Rudraksh Group based in Mohali, Punjab provides all its customers- students looking for an overseas education, employment seekers or those desirous of setting up a business abroad, with quality consultancy. With 16 years of solid experience, the Rudraksh Group  provides a dedicated consultancy in helping people build a life in an alien land by arranging for a smooth and tension free shift to as many countries as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA.

Often the journey abroad entails myriad confounding legislation and legal hassles that might send one into a tizzy but that is exactly what Rudraksh Group Mohali with its team of well-experienced and sincere workers from different parts of the world, are trained in to combat.  Rudraksh Group aims to guide its customers through all such legal hassles encountered during the course of an immigration process, by providing them with accurate information required to ensure a smooth travel abroad. And the best part is that Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions provides all these services at a reasonable and affordable price.

Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions also provides consultancy on a variety of topics such as study, tourist and business visa along with PR in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe and others. They also provide valuable consultancy and advice on various entrances related to overseas education such IELTS, TOEFLS, GRE, GMAT and PTE apart from providing guidance on other topics such as pre-visa counselling, post- visa counselling, selection of courses, various other information regarding the country’s climate and currency as well as preparing students for interviews abroad.

For those looking for employment abroad, Rudraksh Group Mohali not only helps them in finding employment suitable to their education and experience but also strives in developing their client’s personalities to instil the much needed confidence required to succeed in the face of an alien culture and society. Rudraksh Group helps its clients in making the right decisions whether it involves a tentative business venture abroad or investment in foreign companies by providing an educational and informative background on the latest business and employment trends.

Other facilities such as airport pick-up and cost-effective stay is also available if desired.

Rudraksh Group also provides a number of attractive and affordable tourist packages. Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions executes all legal formalities on the behalf of its clients such as the attainment of visa, and that too, at a discounted rate. And that’s not it, they also deliver it to your doorstep, especially in the case when the applicant is a spouse, relative of the students studying abroad or a parent. All documents are either emailed or couriered for its outstation clients, ensuring a smooth and hassle free process.

Rudraksh Group Mohali believes not in tricking or indulging in any sort of deceitful activity with its clients, they always discuss in detail every detail prior to finalizing any deal. Throughout the sixteen years of its flawless service catering to hundred, Rudraksh Group has enjoyed an enviable reputation and an unblemished record.


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