Unlike many other countries in the world, Canada is extremely selective of newcomers. Whether you are applying for Canada immigration or a Canada visa, your admissibility will be assessed based on personal circumstances and the circumstances of your accompanying family members and/or dependents.

Grahakseva services Rudraksha group

There are numerous options available for foreign nationals interested in Canada immigration. Before you can begin the Canada immigration process, you must first determine which program is the best fit for you. The process of immigration to Canada is one that takes many months (or years) to complete. Rudraksh group team of qualified immigration consultants will walk you through the steps to ensure you do not make any mistakes and reduce any risk of a refusal of your Canada immigration application. We consult with you to learn about your personal situation and discuss the necessary information to determine which of the many (over 60) available programs best meets your needs, your goals and your eligibility. Before we accept a case we must be sure that you (our client) is eligible to apply for any of the Canada immigration programs. Our website is a great place to begin the process of gathering information for immigration to Canada. Below you will find some basic information for Canada immigration. You may click on any of the programs listed to read more specific information for each program.

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