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New Zealand’s immigration policy underwent a massive makeover in the recent past, causing setbacks in many Visa applications. The changes implemented in this process made an impact on the investor’s Visa application process by introducing major modifications in the existing policy. The Investor Visa, which allowed people to move permanently into New Zealand as a permanent resident, now requires applicants to invest twice the amount relatively. According to the previous investor visa policy, an applicant had to invest $3 Million over a duration of four years which is now changed to $6 Million. Rudraksh Group offers investor Visa service to facilitate the immigration procedure despite major changes in policy.

Rudraksh Group Mohali brings to you the changes of Investor Visa policy of New Zealand:

  1. As many as 146 days of every investment year (3 years) must be spent by the applicant in New Zealand
  2. The applicant needs to have a total of 3 years’ business experience
  3. The applicant should be below 65 years of age when applying for investor Visa
  4. The applicant’s family members should be fluent in English

Investor 1: The applicants must have a financial record of $10 Million invested over a period of 3 years.

Investor 2: To have additional points, the applicants require:

  • Great experience in business
  • Excellent understanding of English

However, the Investor 2 category of applicants need not require having $1 Million possession in their settlement funds.

Immigration experts at Rudraksh Group Mohali stay updated with the ongoing changes in immigration policies of different countries to serve its clients better. Rudraksh Group ensures that the changes in policies do not affect applicants, or disrupt the procedure.

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