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Posted: June 23, 2016 in immigration, Rudraksh Group Immigration, Thailand Immigration
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Thailand Immigration by Rudraksh group

Looking forward to a great holidaying experience in another country with your family and friends? Well, that can happen if you choose the perfect holidaying destination like Thailand. The country boasts of invigorating sights, fantastic shopping spots, breathtaking & picturesque views, tourist hotspots, exotic food, rich cultural heritage, magnificent edifices and architectural splendors crafted to perfection and the most important- Temples. A trip to Thailand with friends and family is the perfect getaway from the incessant work hysteria and the maniacal frenzy attached with the modern lifestyle.

Rudraksh Group Overseas Solutions, one of the leading immigration and visa consultants in India highlights that he mesmerizing views of the endless sea & limitless sky, picturesque beaches and tourist hotspots make Thailand one of the most preferred tourist destinations. The country has attracted a number of tourists and travel enthusiasts from different parts of the world who visit to explore its culture and heritage. Owing to its exquisite beauty and unique features, Thailand has become a subject of etiquette study by various researchers and philosophers.

It has been said, “Be it Wat Phrathat Pha Ngao; the temple that has its own shade from a rock, “Giant Bodhi Tree in Prachinburi”; where idol of Buddha sits under a tree, The Mummified Monk in Samui; where a monk’s dead body is well preserved from last 40 years, all these places remind that every man is mortal, and every soul has to end it journey one day.” This is the belief of the people of Thailand, and they abide by it.

For some people cultural and heritage, the study is a passion for life. That’s what motivates them every day and people from different places fly in every day to spend their quality time in Thailand not just for having fun but also to get a closer touch with this country’s mesmerizing cultural landscape.

Traveling to Thailand from your countries of origin will need these following visa formalities to be completed:

• A valid passport or travel document valid for not less than six months
• A filled Visa Application form
• One 4×6 cm photograph of the applicant
• Air ticket
• Proof of financial funds
Once your formalities are cleared, visit the Land of culture and have the most memorable time of your life.

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