Rudraksh group offers research visa

A Research Visa (known as “R” Visa) may be issued by the Missions/Posts in the wake of fulfilling themselves about the qualification of the candidate except in the following cases:

a) Researchers from Prior reference nations i.e. Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, non-natives of Pakistan cause and Stateless persons.

b) Scholars whose research work involves visits to ‘Restricted’ or ‘Protected’ areas in India etc. or involves politically and socially sensitive subjects.

The outsider who yearns to inquire about India ought to apply to the Indian Mission/Post concerned giving the subject of the exploration undertaking, subtle elements of spots to be gone to, past visits, whether the researcher has secured admission to a perceived or rumored organization and confirmation of monetary assets. In cases which involve research on subjects related to the foreigner’s own country, the research scholar will be required to furnish a brief synopsis of the research proposal in about 150 words and give full justification (including the benefit he/she would get) for doing research in India. The said synopsis from the applicant should be furnished along with all other relevant documents to the Indian Mission/Post while submitting the application for grant of visa.

 Validity of Research Visa

(i)The Missions/Posts may grant Research Visa for a period of 3 years or for the duration of the research project, whichever is earlier.

(ii) Research Visa can be extended by the FRRO/ FRO concerned subject to production of valid Research Visa bonafide certificate from the University/Institution of affiliation about his/her pursing the research project indicating the duration of the research project and  evidence of financial resources. The total period of the Visa may be restricted to the duration of the project as approved by the Institute of Affiliation or five years, whichever is less. Such foreign scholars may, if required, also be given extension for a period of not more than six months as the last and final extension even after completion of the project in order to enable the research scholar to complete the final formalities of the research project.

(iii) Foreign Student Advisers, Administrative Officers or Registrars of educational institutions will report on the first working day of every quarter to the concerned FRRO/ FRO confirming that the foreign research scholars are studying in their institutions indicating any changes of residence.


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