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Rakesh Mehta – Engg Student
“Thanks for giving me a chance to study in Canada, its only possible with proper training by “Rudraksh Group” staff. I was fully satisfied with the guidance and support given to me from Amazing staff. They are very cooperative and understanding, “
Manjot Bajwa – Investor Visa New Zealand
“I Cleared the interview only with the guidance of this Group staff. Very Soon i am immigrating to New Zealand under Investor Program. I owe my success to “The Best Immigration Consultants in Mohali” and wish them good luck.”
Anuraj Dessai – Business Visa For Europe
Rudraksh Group Mohali is the best company in mohali if anyone want to start business in Europe. All staff members of this group are honest and trustful. I had apply for business visa in 2009 for Europe through this company and the service they provide is awesome . Your service is very thorough and enabled us the privilege of not having to sit an interview. We received a waiver of interview which made the process much faster. It was not easy to open business in another country like Germany. Thanks Rudraksh Group for fulfill my dreams and helped me open business in economically developed country Germany. This company helped me from the documentation stage to interview stage. They gave me a lot of guidance and wonderful tips for the interview preparation.Now i am happy and well settled. I think this is the best company and the best people to work with because I succeeded in bringing my family here in spite of all the situations which I thought were too hard for anybody to overcome.”
Reenu Malhotra – Student Visa For Australia
“It was a great experience to accept wonderful services and they gave me a great oppourtunities which they have provided me to study in Australia.” Many consultants said that i can not get any visa for any country, but they solved my problem
Rajesh Mattaur – Permanent Residence Visa Canada
“I wish and want to thank every staff person of Rudraksh Group advice, support and help. Their contribution during visa process is best. They helped me in interview process they prepared me so well i clear my interview which held at Canadian embassy. During the immigration process a wrong decision spoil your life and a good decision fulfill your dreams. So it is very difficult to choose the right company for immigration. If you are doing your permanent residency process without any help then you are on wrong path because of any wrong decision on any stage of visa process then you not only lose the opportunities of losings visa it ups you aim. I search a lot of companies for permanent residency service but some of them reuse for any reason or some companies demand a large amount. At last I goes to them and they helped me at every step and in a mean time. They also demanded less money as compare to other consultant companies. They helped me a lot not as client but as a friend. Thank you for giving a chance to settle in abroad.”
Raakhi Mangal – Student Visa
“Firstly I Would like to thank Rudraksh Group Mohali for dealing my case so smoothly. The staff were so patient to listen my queries and solved my problems with their knowledge. from the day one till i entered in rudraksh i received the good news.”
Abhinav Kaushal – Business Visa For U.K
“The staff members of Rudraksh immigration has helped me a lot for the interview and they gave me a lot of guidance and wonderful tips for the interview preparation. With their cooperation finally i got Visa for United Kingdom.”
Parampreet Singh – Student Visa For Canada 
“First of all my warmly thanks to Rudraksh Group Mohali for giving me the opportunities to study in Canada. I had applied for student visa in 2010. My uncle also got visa from this company and settled in Canada from 2005. He told me about this company. They have experienced and professional staff and every staff members connect to each client. They would never say you get something within a month and then take a year like other companies do with clients. They say what they are and do as they promise. They are best in visa and immigration field.They give answer to all my question i had asked to them raised in mind.They give importance to every client as he is the client of them and try to done their job in the mean time as they can. it is difficult to express gratitude about rudraksh in words. They helped me at every step where i need them during the visa process.”
Amnit Gill – Student Visa For Australia
“I Have applied for student visa for Australia through Rudraksh Group. i got my visa with in a month after submitting my file to embassy. I am very thankful to because of their guidance and helped me in selecting right college and university.”
Bikram Sign Mudhli – Student Visa
“Student visa services provided by this group are wonderful. Their staff is very helpful and helped me in whole procedure, like selecting the rigth course in the right university and the staff helped me alot in clearing my interview.”
Ramneek Desai – P.R Visa Canada
“I am really very much thankful to all the staff for their contribution. I had my interview in Canadian embassy, I am really thankful to all the staff members of Rudraksh Group for preparing the interview. and giving me a wonderful chance to settle in Canada”
Adhiraj Kundal – Business Visa For Canada
“Rudraksh Group Mohali is the best visa and immigration company in Mohali. I had applied for business visa in 2008. The services they provide are amazing . It is very difficult to get any visa for abroad countries because of embassy’s interview . They ask you a lot of questions. Their staff prepared me so well that i didn’t find any difficulty in the interview.It is also very difficult to start your business in a different countries but they helped me by giving really good advice in terms of resolving my issues and with their help i got business visa and able to start my business easily. I always assist this company because they work well from the top level to middle level. My business is running well now and the whole credit goes to them “
Pammi Bai (P.Singh) – Business Visa For Canada
“I must thank the staff who were very helpful. They studied my case really well. I was really very afraid to appear for interview at canadian embassy, but I was trained so well I was fully confident to clearing my interview. All Thanks goes to this company”
Samritpal Singh Gill – Tourist Visa For Europe
“They helped me to get Tourist visa for Europe. Its a dream come true, its only possible with the decent services provided by them. Thanks for providing all facilities by them”
Birdavinder Sign Rupal – Student Visa
“I would like to say thanks to Rudraksh Group for their help and assistance in the student visa process for Australia . Because of their excellent job I got my visa . In the beginning of visa process when i apply i got nervous because its my aim to got higher study from abroad and the Australian university for higher study are best for its ranking as well as the knowledge and culture they share to its student. all of the employees work as a team and follow a module for the visa process. The main thing that I like the staff communication with the clients they always in touch with you through mail or phone and tell you about visa status and also show the right way. Further if any problem occur they provide you the hundred percent assistance to solve the problem.”
Chahat Latawal – Study Visa For Canada
“Rudraksh Group Mohali provides you the best assistance in mohali. Because this company has a lot of experience in this field they are very co-ordinative, hard worker and trustful. They know when on which time what decision is to be take. Evey visa process mainly depends on interview taken by the embassy, so it get most visas disqualified on the basis of poor interview. They provide you the best interview assistance to qualified interview with confident and easily. They provide you all the necessary documents and notes for the preparation for interview. Because of rudraksh immigration, i got my student visa last year.”
Amrinder Thind (Mohali) – Business Visa For Canada
“First of all I always thankful to Rudraksh Group to help me to achieve my vagary of start business in abroad. After Completion of my graduation i got confused about my future what to do. Then my one of relative advice me to work over Canada. Then another problem start and that is the selection of immigration company for quick response in visa process. I searched about ten companies then i find the best among all on the basis of technical knowledge and money issues. They have huge experience in this field so they work well and quickly. They treat client not as client but as friend. They provide their services as one staff member to one client basis on one to one basis. I suggest every people who looking for open business in abroad they just have to meet them. “
Kanwaljeet Singh – Tourist Visa For Europe
” I would like to thanks rudraksh group from my bottom heart for successful completion of my student visa. They guide you and provide proper assistance from first step of simple document submission to last step process of getting visa. In the among of hundred companies it is very difficult to find company like this group, which provide excellent services. They provide you proper classes for preparation of interview. I lost my hope but they always encourage me and give me confidence at every step of visa process. I always think about high profile professional job in abroad after education. And in this way they helped me a lot. They done my work smoothly without any complication. They have a vast knowledge in visa and immigration services so they deserve for the top ranked immigration company.”
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    we ve also applied we recd approval letter so now we are thinking what we should do further – go with them ? or ???

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