Rudraksh Group Mohali: How to Get Extension of a Student Visa of Canada

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Students from around the globe come to Canada as it is one of the most likely countries to immigrate to. If you are one of those who are previously studying in Canada and have it in mind to extend your stay.

The nation offers far above the ground standards of living, outstanding public infrastructure and world class enlightening systems to its society.

The list expand to the following mentioned benefits:

1) Applicants having a Canadian Student Visa have the liberty to work on campus with no need of a work permit.

2) The student visa permit you to work throughout summer off-campus.

3) All students must work in addition to studying, so as to have a feeling of “Self-sufficient personality.”

4) Studying in Canada and working there allows a candidate to understand the working traditions and rules and system of the Canadian working society.

5) Working part time allows a student to manage his institute fee and other monetary issues at the equal time.

Canadian Universities will offer very similar varieties of courses and degree programs. Since all Universities and Colleges in Canada are accredited by the same committees, you can rest assured that there is no extreme difference in the level of training you will receive from one school compared to another.

It is also a popular study destination, with over 1,300,000 international students studying at its various universities and institutes. International students experience a secure, peaceful and multicultural environment in Canada, getting the maximum exposure to work on a global platform.

Temporary work visas and permanent residency cards are some of the ways that a person interested in immigrating can gain experience in Canada.

Higher study in Canada is considered comparatively peaceful, orderly and secure. Here crime activities and other firearms are strictly controlled and primarily prohibited by the authority.
For decades, Rudraksh Group Mohali – Student Visa Services has helped students earn valuable knowledge by exploring educational opportunities throughout the world.


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