Rudraksh Group Mohali: How Do I Get a Europe Student Visa

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Are you thinking of studying abroad in Europe but don’t know how to start? Nowadays, earning your degree or part of it abroad has become a vital tool for students to grow personally and professionally.

With over 5,400 institutions, a cohesive higher education policy, a safe environment, and an amazing cultural and historical heritage, Europe has a lot to offer you as a student.

Many of us here across the Atlantic dream of interning in Europe. European Union internships exist for foreigners, and unpaid ones are quite plentiful. However, if you want a paid internship, it may involve enrolling in a Master’s program at a university in Europe.

1) There’s a great difference between applying for studies abroad in Europe as a first-year student and moving from a university or college from another country.

2) Decide whether you will be an exchange or a free mover student. If you would like to study your entire degree in Europe.

3) Find a school that best meets your academic profile and personal expectations.This is the most time-consuming part of the process of organizing your foreign study experience in Europe.

4) Take the admission tests. This might not always be the case but, for certain competitive study programs, students are required to pass an admission test.

5) Prepare your student visa and residence permit. Once you have selected your school and have been admitted to the study program of your choice, you may initiate the process of applying for a student visa or residence permit.

The UK is a popular destination for university students due to its historic, world renowned diverse range of universities, almost all flights to Europe and especially the UK are overbooked after the summer as students and tourists are returning to their universities and countries respectively.

students from countries other than EEA need a student visa if they wish to study in the United Kingdom. If this is your case, then

1. Get an admission letter from an Europian institution.

2) Find an immigration lawyer in the Europe. Yes, you can go through the entire process on your own; however, visa matters and europe immigration law are complex and your chances improve exponentially if you hire a competent lawyer.

Successful applicants from outside the EU will have to speak English to a level only just below GCSE standard, rather than the current beginner level.


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