Rudraksh Group Mohali: Best Consultancy Immigration Services, Singapore

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Singapore is evolving into an entrepreneurs Mecca, proximately located to the emerging Asia, ever expanding free trade area, efficient infrastructure are not the only reasons but the governmental policies that favor the entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Rudraksh Group Mohali is one such one which attempts to ease the entry and of relocation investors, to enable them to setup and develop their business.

This Programme comprises of four key schemes offering a range of immigration options for the investors, entrepreneurs, and business executives.

1. Permanent Residence for Investors
2. Multiple Journey visa
3. Social Visit Pass for Entrepreneurs
4. Entrepass

Registration Process

In order to set up a Singapore company you would need to engage a professional company secretary, a registration agent, and a law cum accounting firm to assist you in the registration process.

Your company must be registered with ACRA – the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. Any professional registration firm will be able to guide you through this process.

A quality corporate services firm will also be able to provide virtual office services for your new Singapore company.

Singapore’s outstanding quantity of awards and high rankings as both a business hub and place to live stand testament to its first class infrastructures and environment for working and living.

To get a detailed knowledge of business immigration and specially these government funds, one should hire a specialized investor immigration visa assistance company.

Rudraksh Group Mohali in immigration fields can support your immigration visa application and latterly resulting in successful business immigration to desired nation.


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