Rudraksh Group Mohali, Canada Immigration Services – Advantages of a Canadian Student Visa

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Canada Immigration
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Today Immigration has become one of the sources for ameliorating the economy of the country. With the steady inflow of immigrants, the countries have started to look at it as one of the generators of long time profit.

There are many study abroad consultants, who provide ample of information regarding study abroad options with specific calendar of events.

Such consultants are highly in demand as they provide comprehensive information regarding cost of study, cost of living, admission procedure, educational sessions etc.

Rudraksh Group is an expert of Immigration Services in Mohali. Their expert tips and advices can help readers about study abroad and student visa procedures.

You can look on the Canada immigration websites and decide the visa that you want to apply for. Rudraksh Group offers you various immigration services to Canada that will assist your relocation and as a part of their service they will also help you choose the right way to apply for a visa.

There are multitudes of options available for people who are looking for a study abroad destination. If you want to acquire education in a country with diversified culture and numerous racial backgrounds then study in Canada.

Canada is often referred to as a cultural mosaic, built by a society that respects and celebrates the cultures of many countries from around the world. In 2006, Statistics Canada recorded that 6,186,950 foreign-born people now live in Canada.

While it is relatively easy to locate the nearest accessible Canadian Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration, the place to process immigration papers is usually sought only for the sole purpose of submitting the requirement forms and documents.

Unbeknownst to people with migration plans, specifically to those with a considerable time constraints, a Canadian Visa Application can have a shorter processing and approval time if it was filed in certain areas or regions in the world.

Recently, Canada also became the new preferred immigration destination for Indians. This happened as a result of the immigration ban implemented by Trump administration in the US. When the US President announced immigration ban on seven countries, the Canadian Prime Minister welcomed its people with open arms. This instantly made Canada a winner of a million hearts.

As part of welcoming immigrants and refugees, Canada government went a step ahead and increased the number of entries to 300,000 immigrants from 250,000. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also made the immigration official by announcing that immigrants who are rejected by President Donald Trump will be welcomed by Canada. Besides opening doors to rejected refugees and immigrants, the nation offers affordable education and great work opportunities which makes it a deal you can’t say no to. Moreover, you can also enjoy the best of nature’s beauty when in Canada as a tourist. Rudraksh Group Mohali helps you get a PR, Tourist, Student or even Work Visa as per your requirement.

  1. Sir my aim going to Canada work visa provide me please help me help me

  2. ramneeek singh says:

    Hello i m ramneek singh from himachal pardesh …..New Zealand and Australia any work permit pls tell me more info…all expnses @processsing tim for no:8629027156

  3. Nishant kumar singh says:

    Sir ! I need job in canada so I kindly
    request you for all members of Rudraksh

    Co no. 9125644777

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  5. Esha says:

    I had applied for federal skilled worker category under pr basis in dec 2014. For that purpose , an agent recommend me to hide my study after B. Com in order to increase my experience.So i show experience from 2009 till present.It increase my points to 69. But due to capping my file was returned back to file was sent me back from novascotia.

    Now i want to know can i apply for study basis .but my study is pgdca , B. Ed and as i hide it under pr basis.
    Moreover ECA was also done by wes .pls tell me that is they have all such record of the same .I dnt have any file number of my case.
    Can i apply for study basis or not as i hide it ?

  6. simran jeet singh says:

    provide me guidlines for canada work visa for acontruction related job afer BTECH.

  7. kanhaiyalal says:

    Hello sir I am kanhaiyalal from Ahmedabad india.go to Australia farm house job work permit.Plz tell me more information.
    Please contact me .my mobile number 09426712624

  8. Rajat Roy says:

    sir,i need for job in canada please help me sir.i am rajat roy i live in jharkhand.

  9. rishi kunwar says: aim is go to newzelAnd on work permit basis…but i am just 10’th pass…can i go there…

  10. arun kumar says:

    Hello rudraksha visa service .how can I apply canada low skill work permit visa any company for fruit packer job. But my total service charge is debit to my Canadian salary. Because I am a poor man.anybody help me. Please provide me the visa thanks.

  11. mansi aneja says:

    Rudraksh immigrat consultancy gave me wings to Canada , excellent client servicing, m honored that I took a appropriate decision in choosing RUDRAKASH , got many calls from various companies, visited many companies but at the end my decision led me to choose them , they deliver what the promise nothing over promised nothing under promised, they stick what they say

  12. hemant aneja says:

    I would like to say big thanks to Rudraksh for all help & guidance in the process. Your expertise was invaluable in the process, to have the visa granted in such a short time. I really appreciate all your positive outlook on the whole application process. Service was awesome. Best in class for migration consultant.

  13. aayan girdhar says:

    Amazing service of consultancy,people being so humble and polite with the correct attitude of providing facilities for the easier functioning.thank you aspire world for a great service..keep up the good work!!

  14. roohi iyer says:

    Unlike the other consultants they did not force me to show wrong documents rather they advised me to be as honest as possible… I would recommend rudraksh to all … thanks rudraksh…

  15. Tanya Grover says:

    Rudraksh group, thanks for this article as i was looking for the required procedure to apply for Canada visa for quite some time.

  16. Dhananjay says:

    hey i have heard a lot about you guys!! can you help me with USA visa?

  17. kulwant singh says:

    Thank you for all the help Rudraksh group. Because of your help my Sister was able to go to Canada for his higher studies.

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