Rudraksh Group Mohali Immigration : Required Criteria For the Naturalization

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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People migrate from one country to another for reasons ranging from economic motivations to reuniting with loved ones who are abroad. Often times an immigrant’s move to another country involves permanently leaving their home country in order to become a citizen of the new country.

Naturalization is the process through which an immigrant acquires U.S. citizenship. This is required for someone who was not born a citizen of the U.S.

Eligibility Criteria for Naturalization:-

1) At least 18 years of age

2) A lawful permanent resident of the US(at least four years and nine months).

3) Good moral character not involved in crime or illegal activities.

4) familiar with english language, should have knowledge about American history and current affairs.

5) Knowledge about U.S. law.

6) At the time of application The applicant should take an oath, that he is attached to the U.S. constitution.

7) filing of state income tax returns for previous five years.

After passing the Naturalization test, you guys will receive an oath ceremony date which is necessary to attend to take the Oath of Allegiance to the US and get US citizenship.

Certain issues that may also create problems at the time of Naturalization application such  as divorce, financial problems, excessive travel to abroad and delay in tax.

For a smooth-sailing naturalization process, consult an immigration consultant and naturalization attorney before filing an application for Naturalization.


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