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If you are finding difficulty in applying for a visitor visa for any country, do not hesitate to consult Rudraksh Group. We also deal in Visitor Visa application for Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand & America.
We have special discounted offers & door-to-door facility (only for Tri-City) for spouse, parents and relatives of our students currently studying in various countries.

For Outstation applicants, Rudraksh Group can send all the forms by email and they can print, fill and send back to us by courier also.

Please note that your passport is a very important document and it should not be sent by courier.

Normal processing time for a grant of tourist visa for most of countries is 5-7 working days however in some cases it may take more time.

In case of following circumstances applicants has to under go Chest X-Ray or some times full medical (as recommended by concerned Embassy)
1. Applicant visiting for more than 3 months
2. Applicant visiting to enter into any Hospital (such as Birth of a Child)
3. Applicant above 70 years of age

Medicals have to be done by approved Doctors by Embassies of various countries.

When visiting us for consultation, please bring your sponsors contact details such as their email ID or fax number. After consultation we can send a List of documents directly to your sponsors and your sponsors can scan & email back us the documents.

Rudraksh Group provides tourist visa for the following countries :-

* Canada
* United Kingdom
* Australia
* Singapore
* New Zealand

  1. […] “Our new Start-Up Visa will help make Canada the destination of choice for the world’s best and brightest to launch their companies,” said Minister Kenney. “Recruiting dynamic entrepreneurs from around the world will help Canada remain competitive in the global economy.” […]

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