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For decades, Rudraksh Group Mohali has helped students earn valuable knowledge by exploring educational opportunities throughout the world.

Rudraksh Group

* Facilitates the study abroad experiences in 157 Universities & Colleges.
* Offers a variety of exceptional programs chosen or developed to maintain high academic standards,
* Fosters opportunities for international and cross-cultural experience
* Provides guidance to help students integrate study abroad into their academic plans and graduate on time

The most effective and dramatic experience by which students can achieve international and intercultural learning, We will contribute significantly to careers in all fields of specialization.

Why to study abroad?
There are many reasons to study abroad! Past participants have said that studying abroad helped them focus their academic and career goals, taught them about living and working with people of different cultures, and even taught them more about themselves. It is a great way to learn a language, or to simply learn about a culture that might interest you. Employers and graduate programs tell us that study abroad looks great in a resume, too!

Documents Required

After being accepted by an institution for a program of study overseas, you need the following documents to enter the country:

* A valid passport
* An original letter of acceptance from the university, college or other institution.
* Evidence of adequate funds to cover tuition and living costs for you and your dependents, including return transportation

Rudraksh Group provides students visa for the following countries :-

* Canada
* Europe
* Australia
* New Zealand


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